BOX:204 – Live Theatre Show & Motion Picture

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director/producer: Sergej Pumper

dancers: Jasmin Rituper, Christopher Dunston, Michael Lamarre, Ousman Conteh, Jose Jurado Giles, Antonio Javier Aguado Anguita

I believe that large parts of mankind lack the awareness of their own role and life situation in society and consequently , a door opens for various “authorities” to seize power and just take advantage of these people.

These issues, which I want to adress in “BOX204” should inspire and motivate the viewer to challenge status quo and reflect on his own situation.

The piece tells the story of an dystopian future society, brainwashing its citizens to exploit their labor force.

The live show premiered in January 2015, the subsequent motion picture is in post production.

The final product will be released on